Deb Espin-Scott P. 021706455 M. 021706455
Steph Dunsmore P. 021441706 M. 021441706
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson (AREINZ) P. 0274956677 M. 0274956677
Wendy Parker
Wendy Parker (Real Estate Salesperson) P. 078821547 M. 0297712667
Ross Manson
Ross Manson (Real Estate Commercial Salesperson) P. 021 816 515 M. 021 816 515
Gayle Patterson-Gray
Gayle Patterson-Gray (Office Manager) P. 07 823 1395

Gayle has worked in the administration field for more than 25 years and has been involved in the real estate industry since 2009. Gayle has lived in Cambridge since the 1990’s and found it a perfect place to raise her three children.

Gayle has worked in the Building industry which helps give Gayle the basic knowledge of building practices and contract writing. Gayle has had the privilege of previously owning a Real Estate company and helping many families into their next homes.

Gayle’s promise to her Staff and their Clients an honest and professional service and guarantees to provide exceptional customer service through effective communication and hard work.

Megan Kerkham
Megan Kerkham (P.A. to Andrew Gibson) P. 027 495 6677

Megan is appreciative to be offered a position within the Breakaway A Team, where she is also training to become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

Megan has owned properties herself and has experienced the real estate process as both a buyer and a seller. She places high value on respect towards people and building positive relationships at work and in the wider community. She listens to what you need and what you are looking for.

Megan’s previous work experience included general administration, including Tararua District Council Administration for the Building Inspection, General Inspection and the Health Inspectors Departments.

Megan was also employed in the Prison and Security industry. Megan’s daughter attended St Peter’s College here in Cambridge where her family resided, and she now lives in the surrounding rural area.